Mission: Impossible-Fallout, Crazy tension!

Film critics who watched the premiere of the film Mission Impossible Fallout in America some time ago gave their criticism and praise to the sixth story of the Mission Impossible saga. You can wacth it on 123 movies.

Life as a spy and secret agent is indeed not easy. Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) this time stranded in Belfast, Ireland. Get away from the danger that is targeting his head. However, at one time Ethan Hunt seemed to harbor a past that he could not answer. Unresolved about his past problems, Ethan Hunt must accept the fact that he must be involved in eliminating an organization that is still connected with his past.

After meeting with Alan Hunley (Alec Baldwin) and reaching an agreement, Ethan must seize objects capable of destroying three sacred sites, Mecca, the Vatican and Jerusalem. This time Ethan is not alone, along with August Walker (Henry Cavill) who is assigned to bulldoze anyone, including killing Ethan if this mission fails.

As usual, Ethan’s mission is not easy. Romp with French and British security forces Together with Benji (Simon Pegg) and Luther (Ving Rhames). Then meet with White Widow (Vanessa Kirby) who turns out to have an evil plan. Plus, Ethan had to meet again with Ilsa Faust (Rebecca Ferguson) who turned out to be involved in this mission and could not calm down if he hadn’t finished his mission.

When he had met with this situation, Ethan then stuck with difficult plans. His mission to seize dangerous weapons was under pressure from his boss, CIA surveillance, White Widow, and his past about Julia’s figure in the past. What should Ethan do? Can he complete this mission with August? Then, what is the relationship between Ilsa and Julia with Ethan? A crazy film about an unusual rescue mission. An almost perfect action film from all sides. Starting from the cast, the intensity of the tension to the storyline presented, some film critics said that the Mission Impossible Fallout was the best action film of the year.

What do you look for in an action film? Of course, it is the tension that is displayed in each action. Mission Impossible Fallout offers it almost perfectly. Even since the beginning of the film developed on the screen, a scene from Ethan Hunt’s past has displayed a tense atmosphere. Until finally director Christopher McQuarrie really directed the audience to intense tension from beginning to end. Tom Cruise’s calm style and the occasional smile are his trademarks in building the character of Ethan Hunt. Henry Cavill too. His style, which was noticeably flamboyant and cold, typical of a CIA agent, was quite fitting to be played in this film. However, when in action, Henry Carvill was able to appear more brutal, even crazier.